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Newest Shaky version of Angry Bird- Pota Toss

The newest version of Angry Birds, entitled as Pota Toss is there to shake your real world. Pota Toss is cleverly designed to give you location based levels so that you can see your city becoming alive. The game is embedded with the GPS based levels which show you the cartoon version of your own city. This game is designed in a way, that it recognizes your current location and takes you to that part of world, in the game. No matter whether you are in Hawaii or Egypt, it will take you to tour entire city in cartoonist version.
Pota Toss is really a fun loving and addictive social game. You just have to swipe your figure to toss the Pota-To. The power of potato is known to everyone. Potato will smash all the enemies. Graphics are designed with extreme details and they are like pixar movies. The game is themed as Christmas potatoes.
Pota Toss is stunning location aware game which let you tour throughout the amazing levels all around the world. This game let you challenge your friends in potato tossing and analyse who is best as potato tosser. The sound track of game is designed by Zain Effendi, an awarded composer of Hollywood.

Pota Toss is partnered with LoopJoy to sell the coolest items inside the app. The app offers new style T-shirts and iPhone cases, which can be bought within the app interface. The T-shirts can be bought of $16.99 and cases will cost you $18.99. You can also buy EPIC bag of chips as in the app purchase. It is anticipated that soon angry birds T-shirts and toys will be replaced by the plush potatoes.

The game does not require you to have your Facebook account for playing the game. It has its own iOS 6 Facebook integration. It shares what level you have cleared with your Facebook friends and let you challenge your friends to beat you in Potato Tossing.

Get you shaky Pota Toss from iTunes and download it for free. You can enjoy this game at your iPhone and iPad without paying any buck.

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