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LinkedIn and Twitter’s ads APIs will share their wealth to juice up the sales

Tech companies do not believe in hiring too many sales reps and therefore they build advertising tools for buyers. Twitter and LinkedIn had followed the footstep of Facebook and Google and launched their ads APIs. They have come up with their powerful value exchange to help them sale ads.

Every business has its different requirement from interface, for example some of the businesses are in need to get standalone buying tool for placing specific ads on social networks or other platforms. Some others want their own search ads to shift spend across different channels in order to get biggest bang at any given day. Some others have desire to get control on target audience and other hunt over artificial intelligence for best performing audience and creatives. While, some others require their web automatically twined in to ads. If someone wants to establish all these things in one platform, it would be entirely impossible.

There is the job of selling the ads to the different kinds of businesses. The biggest clients can easily get full service hand holdings, whereas the small clients get self-serve tool. In the center, there is a thicket of businesses across the international and vertical borders.

Google and Facebook have already figured out the solution, whereas LinkedIn and Twitter is still exploring to get programmatic access to ads inventory. Third party interface usually solve their problems.

The platform for full service advertising and ad tool licensing allow the providers to earn some margin from their profits, in exchange. The margin ranges from 10 to 20% after cutting the total spend by the clients. Similarly, margins can be decided upon “cost per action”. In this method, clients have to pay per download, per click or at the specific level of the downstream engagement. The provider will maintain the difference between what is charged and what is paid. Moreover, monthly payment based method is also adopted to pay them fees. Twitter has denied to disclose on which method they are working on with their partners by saying “We do not believe in commenting anything about our partnership terms.”

The idea over this platform is to share the wealth by aligning the aims of service providers and ad tools. The big solution provider of ads APIs will be able to earn hundred of million dollars and make enough profit for developing their sizeable team. Also they invest in their algorithm development and frequent adaption of API features.

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