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i-UniK American Forest series Apple iPad Air Slim Protection Case with built in Sleep/Awake Function – (Hickory)

i-UniK American Forest series Apple iPad Air Slim Protection Case with built in Sleep/Awake Function – (Hickory)

  • Wood imitation cover material (NOT REAL WOOD) that is inspired by our nation’s great forest
  • All features and functions are accessible with the case on, including the microphone, speaker, headphone jack, cameras and connector port
  • 2 folds design to support viewing in portrait or landscape mode and accommodates a natural typing angle
  • Folio design, your iPad Air screen is protected with Built in Sleep Awake Funciton
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with the previous generations of iPAD (1/2/3/4 Retina)
  • Case offers handsome, durable storage
  • Precision-cut camera holes provide access to your device’s ports and camera without removing the case.

Custom made for 2013 9.7 inch Apple iPad AIR model, DOES NOT FIT PREVIOUS IPAD

iPhone 5 to include system-wide voice Assistant

9to5Mac spilled the beans on the plentiful amount of new features coming in the iPhone 5, which they seem to have confirmed with sources. There’s a lot we already expected, but the big news of the leak this morning is a voice-controlled Assistant.

Apple acquired Siri back in 2010, and up until now we haven’t heard much about Apple’s implementation of its technology. Assistant will be an exclusive feature to the iPhone 5, as it needs the extra processor power and RAM. It’s a system-wide voice navigation tool for controlling just about anything with your voice. Pressing and holding the iPhone’s home button will bring up Assistant, effectively replacing the original Voice Control function. From there, you can schedule appointments in the Calendar app, send a text message (or iMessage), get directions, and pretty much everything else.

The commands for Assistant are easy, but more extensive than before. Voice Control’s interface had quick commands scrolling by so you always knew how to go about speaking, but Assistant supposedly has the familiar Info button in the corner, which brings up common commands for completing tasks. Again, this is a lot like a Voice Control 2.0, in that most of the functionality in the iPhone 5 – as opposed to just making calls and listening to music – can now be controlled by voice. Presumably, Apple will release an Assistant API for developers to expand its usability even further.

In addition to this software news, there’s some interesting hardware specs. A beautiful 8 MP camera will be in the rear of the device and will include support for native panorama shots. The dual-core A5 chip and 1 GB of RAM will be inside, which is important to note because both show Apple’s need for better multitasking capabilities in the future. One thing 9to5Mac was silent about in the report is the iPhone 5 s new design. Most think it will feature a curved aluminum back, especially after the recent leaked cases from Case-Mate. There’s no information on the size of the display either. However, they did point out the new antenna system will have built-in support for both GSM and CDMA networks – ergo AT&T and Verizon.

Time is winding down for the big announcement. The hype is increasing, as are the leaks. We’re fairly certain the Apple event will take place on October 4th, which means those traditionally vague invitations from Cupertino should be going out some time this week. Stay tuned!

Apple can’t get “multi-touch” trademark

Apple has been denied a trademark for the term “multi-touch,” reports MacRumors. Apple originally applied for the trademark on January 9, 2007, just one day before the first iPhone was introduced.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office denied the initial trademark application, but per USPTO rules, Apple was able to appeal the original ruling. However, the USPTO’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has now upheld the initial ruling.

The USPTO’s trademark attorney pointed out that “multitouch” has become such a generic term used in myriad devices besides Apple’s iPhone and iPads. As noted by MacRumors, there are several factors that determine if a name, or “mark,” has the “acquired distinctiveness” which would allow a company to receive a trademark on it. Those include a mark’s length and exclusivity of use and the company’s advertising expenditures promoting that mark.

The lack of a trademark for “multi-touch” will in no way affect how Apple can advertise their devices; it simply means that Apple can’t claim trademark infringement if others advertise “multi-touch” technology in their devices.

When is it Time to Upgrade Your Mobile Tech?

iPad 2 vs iPad Air

I have an iPad 2. I don’t use it very much, but it’s there for me whenever a new game comes out … or whenever my Macbook is just out of reach.

The iPad 2 came out on March 11, 2011. In the grand scheme of things (and I’m not talking about the “cosmic calendar” from “Cosmos”), three years is nothing. But when it comes to consumer tech, my iPad is ANCIENT. If you count the two iPad mini models, five new iPads have launched since my iPad 2 first hit store shelves. Five! In three years!

Every time I look at my iPad, I think about how I want a new one. The new models are lighter, thinner and faster, and all have better screens. I haven’t upgraded from iOS 6 to 7 because I’ve heard it doesn’t play well on the iPad 2. But I’m not going to upgrade my iPad, because I don’t use it enough and it still works fine.

But that got me wondering: When is the right time to upgrade your mobile tech?

I like to buy a really good (but not usually top-tier) piece of tech, then run it into the ground before I upgrade. If you’re the type of person who needs to have the latest-and-greatest everything, this advice doesn’t really apply to you. But if you’re like the rest of us, and you just want to know when to pony up for a new gadget, read on.



Let’s start with tablets, since that’s what got me into this whole mess.

iPad: For new iPads, Apple usually tosses in a slightly more powerful processor and makes the device a little thinner. Sure, there are bigger changes from time to time – like adding a Retina display – but those are more uncommon than you might think. Plus, iPads are incredibly expensive (relative to most other tablets), so upgrading is more of a financial commitment here than in other instances.

  • Liberal Verdict: Every other generation. Got an iPad 2? Get a 4th-gen, then, too.
  • Conservative Verdict: Every three or four generations, or when a bunch of apps no longer support your device.

Android Tablets: To be honest, I’m not too familiar with the Android tablet landscape. I know it’s dominated by the Nexus 7, but that’s a relative newcomer to the field, and it’s hard to gauge just how much innovation Google’s going to throw at that line each upgrade. Android tablets are relatively inexpensive (especially when compared to an iPad), so upgrading is less of an investment, but there aren’t too many massive upgrades from one generation to the next, so upgrading isn’t a necessity.

  • Liberal Verdict: Every generation.
  • Conservative Verdict: When your device isn’t eligible for the newest major Android OS.

Kindle Fire Tablets: Like the Nexus line, the Kindle Fires are also relative newcomers to the tech scene. But Amazon has impressed me with how much it has added to each release. When you compare it to the latest Kindle Fire, the first-gen Fire I bought in the fall of 2011 is like a weird second-cousin that you avoid at family gatherings. Amazon’s added a ton of new software features – like FreeTime and Mayday – and has also launched tablets with bigger screens, which is an (obvious) big difference. At some point, though, Amazon will slow down its massive updates; until then, new Fire tablets seem like a reasonable investment.

  • Liberal Verdict: Every generation.
  • Conservative Verdict: When your toddler drops it one-too-many times and it doesn’t work anymore.



I think it’s a big lie that you need to upgrade your phone every two years. Just because your carrier gives you a big time discount to get a new device doesn’t mean you need to take them up on their offer. They’re only giving you that discount to lock you into another two-year deal; if you don’t upgrade (or buy your phone outright), you can opt out at any point with no penalty.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all recently introduced plans that let you upgrade your phone whenever the wind changes. But that program isn’t for us – that’s for the tech elite.

iPhones are like iPads – rarely does one generation to the next do much to wow me. The iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen, which is (arguably) the best improvement since Siri was added back with the 4S. But is it enough for me to upgrade just a year after I got my iPhone 5? Probably not.

Android devices can become obsolete much more quickly, especially if the manufacturer doesn’t get the latest version of Android to your device. Buying a Nexus will negate this problem, as will buying the top-tier devices, like the Galaxy S4 or HTC One M8. But if you’re buying mid-range, you might run into issues – and you’ll want to upgrade more quickly.

  • Liberal Verdict: As soon as you’re eligible for an upgrade.
  • Conservative Verdict: When your device won’t get the latest OS update, or when you drop it so many times that you can no longer read the screen.

Apple’s spaceship campus is more likely to face delays- the launch will be in 2016

New information received from the Bloomberg has anticipated that Apple’s new second campus ambition that is more similar to the spaceship design straightly coming from Hollywood, would be delayed. According to the new timeline details from Cupertino exposed on 14th November have shown that huge circular headquarters would not be fully operational till the year 2016. The construction of building will be delayed by 2014.

In June 2011, the former CEO of Apple, Mr. Steve Jobs has proposed the idea of 176 acre campus in the Cupertino city council. He was hoping that this project will be launched till 2015 however some little changes in the project has delayed the launching plan. The altered design has proposed to shift the 1000 person auditorium away from the local roads as this auditorium will be used for future product launches. For accommodating the large work force of Apple, more area in the parking spot has been proposed. According to the Bloomberg these alterations has been accepted.

For sharing this plan with world, Apple will be going to update the plan online after thanksgiving. People will also be able to download this plan, but before this Apple is aiming to add additional servers for supporting the increased demand of project by the Apple’s fans.

The spaceship campus of Apple is basically designed to minimise environmental impact. This has become possible thanks to the green space on site, on site fuel cells, 650,000 square feet of the solar panels, circular design featuring an orchard and a park in its middle and three levels of under-ground parking. Steve Jobs has noted that there is not even a single piece of the straight glass in the entire construction. Whether this building will be inaugurated on the time or delayed, this will going to be an engineering wonder, for sure.

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Apple Hit With $840 Million Claim for E-Book Price Fixing


Apple lost its e-book antitrust trial last summer, but so far it hasn’t had to write any checks as part of its punishment. Now a plaintiff’s lawyer wants to deliver a bill: He says Apple should pay $840 million in damages. Steve Berman, an attorney representing consumers and 33 states who linked up with the U.S. government’s case against Apple, says Apple’s actions caused e-book buyers to spend an extra $280,254,374 after the introduction of Apple’s iPad and its iBooks Store. Berman says Apple should have to pay triple that number, and if you want to read his argument, you can find it below, via a letter he filed in court yesterday. For context: Apple ended 2013 with nearly $159 billion in cash on its books, and generated profits of $13 billion in its last quarter.

Read the full story at re/code.

Apple Iphone Custom Case 5 / 5s White Plastic Snap on – Keep Calm and Skate Faster Rollerblading

Apple Iphone Custom Case 5 / 5s White Plastic Snap on – Keep Calm and Skate Faster Rollerblading

  • Measures 4.87 x 2.37 , Hard plastic, durable and lightweight.
  • Protects edges and back of phone from bumps and scratches
  • Compatible with Iphone 5 / 5S universal Sprint – AT&T – Verizon

East access to all buttons and ports