Securus’ eZoom GPS Helps Parents Keep Tabs on Their Teen Drivers

eZoom by Securus

July has the highest fatal car crash rate of any month in the year. Now that school’s out for the summer, it’s no surprise parents want to keep track of where their teen driver is and whether they got where they’re going safely – especially considering the teen accident rate is 2.7 times higher than all drivers.

If you want to help keep tabs on your teen driver, a new product called eZoom from Securus can help. eZoom is a small, portable GPS device that lets parents quickly locate their teens and monitor curfews.

eZoom offers real-time tracking 24/7 through the web, a mobile app or text message. It also lets you set up SafeSpots and receive alerts when your teen arrives at (or leaves) different places throughout the day. It even features an “SOS button” that sends you your teen’s location by email and text.

To learn more about eZoom, head over to Securus’ website today.


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