New Apple iPhone would say yes to CDMA and GSM and No to 4G

A recent rumour reveals that new iPhone 4 and beyond that is iPhone 5 would constitute GSM and CDMA and won’t be using 4G networks.

I am least bothered about this being a rumour as many big names have followed this matter. Apple however, does not show any official concern about it. Therefore, it would still be treated as a rumour. Isn’t it funny that we are discussing iPhone 5 right after the launch of iPhone 4? Still the rumour wins that race.

The new iPhone would take ages to show its face. While the Apple customers are anxious about the launch of white iPhone 4 therefore no need to create a hassle about iPhone 5. That is what Apple thinks, not me.

I think we should be more worried about iPhone 5 as the previous fiasco of antenna has disappointed many. Therefore, the new version of iPhone would carry a lot of expectations. Moreover, Apple expects to throw the new iPhone worldwide. This is the reason everyone is talking about dual SIM supporting both CDMA and GSM. This decision is crucial to move along with.

The ultimate goal of Apple is to conquer the world with iPhone, right? For the only fastest way is through cellular contracts. This is why GSM and CMDA both can serve the purpose well. Nice thought but a deadly trick. This would come as a disaster for 4G as the new iPhone can’t support both networks on 4G. Maybe after ages Apple can figure out a better solution but until now we can expect no 4G for iPhone 5.

The real result can only be seen once the product is tested in the Apple store. Would the consumer like using a 3G phone with better future or would like a better future with 4G? I think Apple is on a deadly track with this experiment, have your say.

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