Car sales are going mobile

The rise of mobile technology, in the form of smartphones and tablet computers, and the continued innovation in this field has changed the lives of an increasing proportion of the population. Where as once we were tied to desks while surfing the net, or forced to travel to packed high streets and supermarkets to shop, we can now buy a huge range of items and access useful information while on the go.

Indeed, the increased convenience of conducting research, reading the news or doing shopping on a mobile device has led to a boom in app downloads. ABI Research recently reported that the average smartphone user will download 37 apps a year. Meanwhile, a study conducted by edigital research revealed earlier that 64% of smartphone users now use their devices to shop online.

With such mass movement to mobile commerce among consumers, businesses of all kinds are rushing to produce their own mobile apps to provide a more convenient and comfortable shopping experience among their customers and to take advantage of the latest trend for mobile technology.

Car dealerships are perhaps some of the more surprising businesses to produce mobile apps. After all, you can’t order a car to be delivered to your home and most of us would not purchase a vehicle without first giving it a test drive. But there is more to mobile commerce than ordering goods, and auto dealers have provided some excellent apps to put the information their customers need right at their fingertips.

Take, which has released a free app for those looking to buy a new car. The software provides consumers with an easy way to search for cars in their area, as well as a wealth of information and advice to help them choose the best vehicle for them, such as car buying guides and reviews.

What have done by providing so many features on one app, is provided consumers with everything they need to choose a car in one place. While customers may have once spent hours on the web reading auto magazines and looking at classified ads, they can now access all of this information at the tip of their fingers. What’s more, the app also allows them to interact with this information by producing their own shortlist to narrow down which car they are likely to take for a test drive.

Many other businesses are also taking a similar approach to mobile technology, aiming to make themselves the most convenient and useful option to potential customers, showing you do not need to be selling goods directly over the internet to make good use of mobile apps.

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