iTunes Store Adds Pop-Up Windows for Quick Access to Content Details and Previews

Italian site iSpazio notes [Google translation] that Apple has done a tiny though useful tweak to a iTunes Store when accessed from a computer, now permitting users to entrance information on calm such as songs, albums, videos, apps, and books around a pop-up window rather than wanting to click by to a apart page within a store. The new option, that appears in many locations within a store as a tiny “info” symbol in a reduce right dilemma of a content’s idol when a user hovers over a item, is accessible on both categorical iTunes Store and App Store underline pages as good as in hunt results.

The pop-up windows offer opposite calm depending on that area of a store a user is in, with music, books, and podcasts charity a outline of a comparison item. In a App Store, a pop-up windows enclose mixed tabs with any item’s description, reviews, and iPhone and iPad screenshots. Users can also simply squeeze a equipment from their particular pop-up windows.

Finally, cinema and TV shows arrangement a tiny “play” idol instead of a “info” icon, and immediately cocktail adult a window with a video preview and sum on any item.



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