Apple Operating System Bringing Siri

It has been recently reported by the 9toMac that Apple is going to deliver some very interesting features for the desktops. Apple has been making a tradition now of making computers that are resembled to their iOS based devices. It has been a trend in every newer device they are launching. It is also something known from some reliable sources that the Apple’s operating system 10.9 was equipped with Siri’s voice command and also Maps were somehow resembled to the Macs.

Siri has made its way to the iPad in the operating system in iOS 6 and the dictations recently have arrived on the Mountain Lion Mac hardware of OS X 10.8. Another logical step would be Siri’s arrival to the desktop. Especially when Apple is making its efforts for improving the accuracy and building a feature set for itself. It has much more possible wide spread for the future. More improvement is probable in the forth coming time period. Apple is not a small shop it is a huge centre of data. Siri has a capability to handle the huge size data is very reliable and capable.

Apple is also planning to offer a part of OS X framework for the application developers, this intend to make the offering made by Maps more attractive. This is also expected that it will make OS X a full fledge app of native but it is just a possibility. Including Map in the OS X is a very good option. In spite of the fact it has a poor sense of adoption. A big reason behind this is Nokia itself.

Siri would be helping in improving the provided services by making Macs availability, by extending the probable audience. Apple is considered to be working on 10.9 in accordance to the revealed information found in various server logs which are registering visitors on different websites. Apple seems to be stick to a sort of annual cycle with the major OS releases in the most recent years. So in case of and sticking to that, we might know more insights about what is absolutely coming in 10.9 by WWDC in some other weeks, months or years.

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