Apple’s spaceship campus is more likely to face delays- the launch will be in 2016

New information received from the Bloomberg has anticipated that Apple’s new second campus ambition that is more similar to the spaceship design straightly coming from Hollywood, would be delayed. According to the new timeline details from Cupertino exposed on 14th November have shown that huge circular headquarters would not be fully operational till the year 2016. The construction of building will be delayed by 2014.

In June 2011, the former CEO of Apple, Mr. Steve Jobs has proposed the idea of 176 acre campus in the Cupertino city council. He was hoping that this project will be launched till 2015 however some little changes in the project has delayed the launching plan. The altered design has proposed to shift the 1000 person auditorium away from the local roads as this auditorium will be used for future product launches. For accommodating the large work force of Apple, more area in the parking spot has been proposed. According to the Bloomberg these alterations has been accepted.

For sharing this plan with world, Apple will be going to update the plan online after thanksgiving. People will also be able to download this plan, but before this Apple is aiming to add additional servers for supporting the increased demand of project by the Apple’s fans.

The spaceship campus of Apple is basically designed to minimise environmental impact. This has become possible thanks to the green space on site, on site fuel cells, 650,000 square feet of the solar panels, circular design featuring an orchard and a park in its middle and three levels of under-ground parking. Steve Jobs has noted that there is not even a single piece of the straight glass in the entire construction. Whether this building will be inaugurated on the time or delayed, this will going to be an engineering wonder, for sure.

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