Concept phone – pen

As you know, the most interesting are the unusual concept phones that require lateral thinking and ingenuity of their creators. In short, it’s a very improbable device. But it’s lust-worthy, nonetheless. One is a very clever design. No less, this is a pretty sweet concept.
This cutting-edge cellphone concept is as compact as a ballpoint pen, enabling you to conveniently and easily pocket it in a way that the newest and sharpest smartphones are decidedly difficult. A mobile phone fashioned as a pen. It hosts a flexible 6-inch display that relies on cloud computing for memory. The design basically satisfies the needs of consumers who are looking for a lighter phone without compromising on the size of the display screen or applications.

Future technology Concept phone - pen

In its closed position, the stylus-like handset includes a banner of text and information including the time of day, any incoming notifications, the quality of cell reception and the battery’s charge. But pull open Yejin Jeon’s futuristic smartphone like a scroll or a projector’s screen and you’ll have full access to a vivid 6-inch interface. With this, you can browse your multimedia data, the web and your cloud computing memory.
Designer: Yejin Jeon

Future technology Concept phone - pen

Future technology Concept phone - pen

Future technology Concept phone - pen

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