Now the Foursquare app users and businesses can also add events to their venues

There is a reason behind everything that we do. We have reasons to select the place where we eat or drink. The reason can be a cute waiter or waitress, the Karaoke night or anything else.
Few days ago, Foursquare announced its decision that the businesses will now be able to add events in their venues. This is a very big step taken by Foursquare as it will help you to look for new places where you can go. You can also inform your friends about where you go and what’s special about that place without having to do any work.One cool feature that is available on this site is that you can look for the events going on at the venue. This feature is available for many things including movies. This will also records the places where you go and the things you are doing.

According to the company, people can see the concert, movies and sporting events in the app of Foursquare and now they can also see and add them to their location. Company further said that now they can also add their arts and crafts events of fundraising events.

This step was important for Foursquare as well as for consumers and businesses. This is a sort of data that the company is gathering about the tendencies of users.

The company is looking to generate more revenue through this new feature. The company has taken a great step and instead of implementing the previous ad models, the company has managed to create its own which will suit the experience of Foursquare. This will prove to be a good decision for Foursquare itself and for its users and businesses.

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