Now Android app users can sing up Facebook messenger without an account on facebook

In the beginning of this month Facebook launched its product which can be accessed by people who do not have a Facebook account. Initially a messenger for Android app has been introduced and later messenger for iOS will be introduced. The messenger can be signed in with just a phone number and name. Now you can also message all those people who have not joined Facebook.
Facebook is introducing this product initially for the Android app users in countries which include Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Venezuela and India. It will be introduced shortly in the rest of the countries. The date for the launch of messenger for iOS is still not announced.After signing up the messenger, the users can then search the contacts through names. Through this messenger, Facebook will reach larger number of people which will be a challenge for free texting apps like WhatsApp and Pinger. At present the messenger for Android is free and will not show any ads.

It seems that by introducing this messenger, Facebook has accepted that not everyone out there wants to have an account on social networking site. Through this messenger the existing Facebook users can send messages to the non users without spending any money.

This new messenger is expected to bring more signups or reactivation of the previous accounts of Facebook. The fact the Facebook has initially targeted India for its launch indicates that Facebook is still looking for more signups. India has a population of one billion out of which only 65 million uses Facebook.

People can now use the messenger directly without the need of managing profile and friend requests. The messenger can help to attract new people towards making an account on Facebook.

According to Deng, SMS has been in the market since 20 years and it was designed for old phones which do not use features like picture taking, touch screen etc which recent phones have. That is the reason for investing in this product.

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