You Can Do A Lot More With Your Iphone Than You Think

The the innumerable applications the iphone offers, any member of the family can enjoy it. There are features and applications that are suitable for both young and old. You can pick up some really useful iphone advice by checking out the tips and tricks provided below.

You should be sure to update your iphone each time a new update is available. Updating your phone guarantees that you have the latest software fixes, updates and options for your phone. It also makes you put information and pictures into storage so that when something should happen with your iphone, you have not lost everything.

The Safari browser on the iphone is so amazing and lets you accomplish pretty much anything that can be done on regular computer. In Safari, just touch and hold on a photo you’d like to save. One of the options on the menu that appears when you do this is to send the picture straight to the Camera Roll on your iphone. These photo’s can even be copied and placed inside a message!

Shut off or disable wireless radio functions you aren’t using. Even if you are not using them, they drain the battery when they are open. Wireless radios include GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. When not in use, disable them to save power.

When using an iphone, you have to remember that it’s a legitimate computer and it needs its operating system updated to the newest version. The iphone is really like a mini-computer, so every now and then patches appear to fix security holes, bugs and issues with functionality. These updates help to ensure that you are able to access your information, and keep the iphone functioning properly.

Alternate between one and two finger scrolling while viewing webpages. If the page is separated into boxes it is easier to use one finger to navigate each box individually. Using two fingers will allow you to scroll the entire page.

FaceTime is great for communicating on the iphone. It lets you see the person you are talking to. If you want to use this, just go to your contact section and search for the button that says FaceTime. Press it and you will see and hear the other person.

The calculator is a very valuable function on the iphone. You can use it easily in the usual vertical position or turn your phone horizontally for a sleek scientific calculator look.

If your iphone is dropped in water, never turn it back on immediately afterwards to find out if it still works. Instead, do you best to dry the outside of the phone, and then allow the phone dry out overnight in a bowl of uncooked white rice. You can permanently short circuit the phone by activating it when wet.

When travelling through the web using the iphone, you never have to worry about including the “.com” after the web address. Safari will direct you to the website you want with only the main address words. It might not seem like that much of a time-saver, but there is no reason to type it if you don’t have too.

Tap cancel when writing an email if you cannot finish composing your email. You’ll get the option to save the unfinished message as a draft this way. If you save it, you’ll have the opportunity to go back to the email later; it’ll be waiting for you in your iPhone’s draft folder.

Has your device frozen on you? Try pressing the home key for a maximum of six seconds if the home and sleep combination do nothing. This should shut down any frozen apps. If you’re still not getting a response, then press down on your Sleep and Home buttons at the same time, and hold them for about ten sconds. You should then see the Apple symbol, which is a sign that the device is rebooting.

A great aspect of the iphone is how versatile it is. The phone can act as a universal remote with an app from BlinqTV. Your iphone can control a multitude of devices from TVs to DVD players. As an added bonus, you can ensure that you never miss your favorite show by setting a reminder for each one.

You can take a photo using your headphone cord. First, set up your picture. When you are ready to take the shot, just press down on the cord’s button. Your picture is recorded. If you want to save it, just do what you would normally do to save a photo.

Like many other smartphones, iphone can provide visual information of incoming calls or messages. If you want a notification that’s silent, but easy to notice, you can set it up so that your phone’s LED camera blinks each time a message comes in. Just access the settings menu, then to “general” and next to “accessibility.” Choose the feature “LED flash” for alerts.

Do not waste time with suggested words on your iphone. When you are typing a note or email and want to turn off the suggestions, press anywhere on the screen to get rid of the suggestion box. This will save you hitting the x at the end of every word.

Now that you’ve read this article, you can tell everyone how beneficial having an iphone is. Now that you’ve read this article full of information about iphone basics, you should easily be able to answer questions and explain how to use the iphone.


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