Fix for the iOS 6.1 Microsoft Exchange bug will be released by Apple

Apple has claimed that they have found fix for the bug causing excess activity on the Microsoft Exchange account. This fix will be available in the upcoming update of the software. This bug is too much frustrating, even for the corporate IT department. They have also blocked their devices from Exchange servers, according to ZDNet.

This is of course not the first fix released by Apple for its latest iOS. In previous week, they have also launched bug fixing update for the iOS 6.1.1 aiming on iPhone 4S. This update is targeted to fix the issues of euro pen carrier holders, related on the 3G connection of the phone.

Darrell Etherington has noted that Apple has launched its new update in just five days for their iOS device. This may be due to warning issued by two European mobile operators- 3 Austria and Vodafone UK for text messages. They have warned them to update iPhone 4S to the iOS 6.1 due to worst 3G connection problems.

Apple has taken immediate action as this bug is proving annoying for the enterprise users which are finding it difficult to work around. Apple does not really want these users to shift back to iOS 6.0.

According to the statement given by Apple, “Users of iOS devices who has availed Microsoft Exchange related bug will now be able to encounter increased network working in reduced battery life. The extra network working will be encountered in logs on Exchange servers and it will lead on blocking iOS device.

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