Facebook never got big user data breach and if it happens, they won’t be able to recover

Facebook cannot avoid serious data breach if it happens from the foreign government, hackers or the crooks. Personal data on Facebook is not safe and if this will happen it will have chilling effect on commerce, drying sharing of data and will cut down the lifetime of Facebook.

However you cannot say that Facebook is not employing preventive measures to make it stop. Facebook is having its top talent team and white hats hackers to identify holes and bugs on their site.

An interesting as well as shocking fact shared by Facebook that computers of their engineers have faced sophisticated attack uploaded malware when they have visited mobile developer site. Facebook immediately called upon the police to investigate the facts behind this attack. There is still no evidence found that data of users have been approached. Yet, it is cleared that hackers have got access to the information about Facebook partners.

Facebook till the date has managed the world’s largest repository to the private information from getting into wrong hands. Other social networks are still striving on achieving this type of success. Twitter has recently encountered 250,000 accounts accessed by the hackers. In the same pace, LinkedIn has encountered 6.5 million accounts hacking last year.

It must be worth noting here that most of the data on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter are public and on Facebook, it is personal. So, Facebook has much concerns and requirements about privacy as they have much more to lose.

The damage might not be severe for the eventual breach, as some messages and photos can be stolen and in worst scenario credit card info abut users can be stolen. Facebook in that case, will quickly response to the affected account and will respond to password change claims.

The damage would be psychological and it will destroy the real essence of brand. world will be in fear that their data will get stolen and they will advertise it to their friend circle, resulting more shut down of accounts.

Facebook requires to struggle against such perception and provides much security against shared data.

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