Graviton Block an amazing puzzle game

An amazing game app entitling as Graviton Block has been developed for the users of iPad. The game is an amazing puzzle solving game in which players will fight against the power of gravitons.

Graviton Block is unlike other tetrinomino genre as it does not support rotation; rather it got attraction and repletion towards other pieces known as gravitons.Players have to clear the mission of Graviton Block by creating 3X3 blocks and making them disappear by this act of survival. Different types of blocks will drop over the pieces on which different kinds of particles has to be made for winning the mission. But, here’s not the fun end. The force of graviton which is known as gravimetric field will automatically fall other blocks to fill the gaps of disappeared capsules.

The mission allotted to the players is to prevent the grids from collapsing. Players can drag and drop to make their strategic move for the survival. Laser guide is available in the game, so to facilitate the players in knowing which particle will be coming next. Players must also bear in mind that if items will fall in to the gravitational field of particle positive or negative will travel.

To make game more complex and attractive, developers have set timer in shape of heart rate monitor. Finishing a pulse will appear a new pulse, but if players would not manage to gain pulses all the capsules will be filled and alarm will be turned on. At the end of alarm, pulses will be set free to containment the capsules and this will start pushing all the pieces up. However, when players will make reaction in attaining pulse by making 3X3 blocks, they will get score multiplier.

Complexity of game will enhance with the increasing levels, but if players have game in their control, they can add new challenges. So try this app now and see how amazing you are in fighting against the attraction and repletion of gravitons.

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