Amazon connection won Global mobile award of 2013 at mobile world congress

Amazon connection is a digital inclusion program which was launched by Telefoncia vivo foundation and Ericsson. The Global mobile award for the best mobile product, initiative and for rending services for emerging markets has been won by Amazon connection, in 2013. In 2009 Vivo and Ericsson made alliance with Brazilian non-governmental agency, entitling “Sa de & Algeria”. They have launched a project for enabling communication and to improve access to health, education and economic growth in all over world. The technology and proficiency in the community ultimately led to expanded applications.In 2009, the first radio base station was installed in the town of Belterra, Par , Brazil. It was planned that first base station will be installed with initially 20,000 people along with 3G voice and it will provide data service in those areas where there is no mobile connectivity. In addition to this remarkable achievement, the nearby river Tapaj s has acted like a mirror in magnifying the range of 3G voice. This allowed the Abar Hospital boat to build connection via broadband and to navigate along the river, in 2010.On the other bank of river, the expansion to Suruac was the unique operation itself because it was difficult due to lack of infrastructure, dense vegetation and unpredictable weather. So the major highlight problem was the lack of sources of energy in the village. Finally Ericsson decided to built an innovative hybrid system (a system run by solar energy and wind) this system enabled Amazon with a fully useful mobile network.

During the four years of the project the number of initiative was taken by the public partnership for improving condition of people in the local communities. For this aim, Telefonica Vivo installed an antenna on the boat just to make sure that the 3G signals that were being magnified naturally by river would be boosted further. As a result, anyone outside Abar could access to the area through this reliable mobile broadband connection. Abar doctors in the world would be able to consult with their peers and for expert diagnoses doctors would be able to send x-rays and other images around the world. This amazing measure facilitates the people of Amazon with high quality medical care.

Fran oise Trapenard, president of Telefonica Vivo Foundation said that until the signals was arrived at Vivo the challenges of isolation was imposed by the geography of Amazon region but its now a place where people are connected with the world. The main motive of this project was to provide better health and education to the people of Amazon. Through this new connectivity technology, learning opportunities to young riparian had provided and improved the medical care for the people of Amazon.

Elaine Weidman-Gr newald, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson, said that we feel really honored that GSMA has recognized our efforts but felt more honored to be the part of something as strong as Amazon connection. This is what good about the technology.

The Brazilian government has initiated a program to inaugurate 100 new hospital boats after recognizing the social benefits of the hospital boat initiative. Funding for 32 of them has been approved already and they will be operational in future.

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