PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Retro Oceanhorn Gets iCloud Support


OK, so Oceanhorn is not a classic game. It only came out about five months ago. But, it is a retro game themed after the hugely popular Legend of Zelda series of games. Games that will never be officially allowed on iOS. Instead of crying over the lack of Link, Oceanhorn’s creators decided to make their own tale, complete with breakable flowerpots, tall grass that hid gems, and secret passageways that can’t be opened until you’ve discovered something else in another place.

This week, Oceanhorn received its first major update, which brings multiple language options and iCloud support. Now, you can sync your game across multiple devices and pick it up anytime.


For fans of the Zelda franchise, Oceanhorn can best be described as similar to Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker, which came out in 2002 on GameCube. It has the same game mechanics. Players collect pieces of hearts and master keys. Players traverse from one island to another by boat.

The game’s dungeon layouts are homage to the Zelda franchise and enemies are strangely familiar for having been seen for the first time when you go ashore.


This week’s update brings with it Korean and Russian language options and, the big news, iCloud support. Players can now sync saved games across all devices. Play on your iPad before work, take the game onto the bus on your iPhone, and sneak a few moments of play during your meeting on your iPad mini. Just keep the volume down or you might get caught.

Oceanhorn is available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for $8.99. Download it in the App Store today.

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