Tell Me Santa- Let your kids believe in Santa Claus

Christmas is a day of celebrations and especially kids are more crazy for making demands from Santa Claus about their Christmas gifts. An adult has another vision about Santa Clause and they understand the facts, yet kids live in fantasy world. So to let your kid have stronger believe on Santa Claus and Christmas gifts, download Tell me Santa app.

Tell me Santa app is the greatest gift of Christmas for the kids. This app can be downloaded on your Android devices, iPad and iPhone. Your kids will be able to ask for the smaller gifts from the Santa Claus. Tell me Santa app is designed for each child in which they can listen to their personalised stories and order gifts of their own choices, by recording video messages. In order to make surprise for the kids, download this app for free.

Tell me Santa app will require configuration from an adult as you have enter the name of your kid, his or her age, behavior and beloved ones. This information must be entered in Ask present menu for creation of personalised speech. In order to prepare surprise for your kid, you have to capture the image of your decorated living room. This app let your kids feel that Santa is near to them and knows everything about them.

Tell me Santa is quite easy to use and it has five menu options. These are:

Santa s Story: Santa Claus will create an amazing story for the kids. He will let kids know what he do all around the year and in making available the gifts that help him and what are the gifts available in his warehouse.

Ask presents: By studying the personal information about your kid, Santa Claus will prepare a personalised story and in the between Santa will ask kid about his desire for the Christmas gift. The app will open camcorder automatically for recording the video message. Later Santa Claus will take note about the wish list.

Surprise: A Christmas day Santa Claus will give him surprise by leaving a short movie or photo about how he has left the gift at home.

Christmas greetings: Christmas cards will be added in this option. Coming soon!

Configuration: Configuration is required to be done by the adult to set the app according to the kid. To give magical feeling to the kids, pass code will be provided. You will be able to watch the recorded movies of your kids, you can even share this movies with others and transfer it on your gallery. In Ask present list you can modify or change the name of your kids. In surprise menu you can take photo or select it from the gallery for background. Email and passwords can be changed, also.

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