Spy Gear – Sonic Distractors Master Carton/Assortment

  • Distract opponents using a sonic wave diversion! Spy Gear?s Sonic Distractors emit noise to divert enemy attention!
  • Select one of 8 unique sounds to distract your enemies using 2 Sonic Distractors!
  • Sonic Distractors have a built-in time-released delay before they sound.
  • Spy Gear?s Sonic Distractors are made for Secret Agents ages 6+.
  • Includes: 2 Sonic Distractors Balls, 1 Belt Clip, 1 Instruction Guide

Roll and distract! Spy Gear’s Sonic Distractors get agents out of sticky situations using sonic wave diversion! Select from 8 different sounds as you activate, roll and distract your enemies. Each sound has a time-release delay giving agents time to calculate when they’ll sound. The included belt clip delivers easy access for quick use as you sneak through top-secret areas. With 2 Sonic Distractors, agents can perform multiple distractions simultaneously. Gear up with the latest in diversion technology with the Spy Gear Sonic Distractors!

Price: $11.99


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