Kid Galaxy My 1st RC GoGo Auto Jumbo Fire Truck

  • Made with material moms and dads love for safety while providing lots of fun for your preschooler
  • Jumbo in size, drive your Jumbo Fire Truck using a “steering wheel like” remote control
  • Perfect for ages 2+ years

The My 1st RC GoGo Auto Jumbo Fire Truck from Kid Galaxy is an easy-to-operate choice for a child’s first remote-control vehicle. The remote control’s large buttons are easy for small hands to operate, while the truck’s squishy rubber exterior guarantees safe play– for your child and your home’s furniture. With its simple operation and attractive design, the Jumbo Fire truck promises safe, simple fun for children ages two and older.

Kid Galaxy My 1st RC GoGo Auto Jumbo Fire Truck Product Shot

Easy to learn controls allows comfort for all ages. View larger.

Two-Button Remote Control for Easy Operation

Children will delight in driving around the Jumbo Fire Truck with the simple two-button remote control. The top button drives the truck forward, while the bottom button rotates the truck in a tight turn. The fire truck-red radio controller has a wheel-shaped design that is easy for small hands to grip.

Soft, Squeezable Exterior is Child-Safe

The Jumbo Fire Truck’s body is constructed of soft, squeezable plastic, reducing the potential for inflicting pain or damage on impact. Your walls and furniture won’t be at risk of being scuffed or scratched like with faster or harder-bodied RC cars. The soft material also adds durability, absorbing some of the impact of a crash or drop.

Kid Galaxy My 1st RC GoGo Auto Jumbo Fire Truck Product Shot

Soft plastic body allows for danger free operation. View larger.

Fire Truck Details for Realistic Fun

This bright red truck features details like those on a real-life fire truck. The truck’s molded body includes a sculpted ladder on either side and a coiled fire hose shape on the back. The truck has a chunky shape that is easy for little hands to grasp.

Operating the Jumbo Fire Truck

Thanks to its two-button remote control, our testers found operating the Jumbo Fire Truck to be very straightforward. The truck can only turn right, so going left requires a 270-degree rotation. Inserting batteries in the truck and controller requires a small Phillips screwdriver.

Warranty Information

The Kid Galaxy RC Jumbo Fire Truck is backed by a manufacturer’s 60-day limited warranty.

What’s in the Box

Kid Galaxy RC Jumbo Fire Truck and radio controller.

My 1st RC
GoGo Auto Jumbo Fire Truck

At a Glance:

  • Wheel-shaped radio control is easy to grip
  • Two-button operation is simple enough for small children
  • Soft body ensures safe play and spares walls and furniture
  • Includes realistic accents like ladder and hose
  • Chunky shape is ideal for small hands

Age/Weight Requirements:

  • Two years and up

Assembly Requirements:

  • One 9V battery (not included)
  • Three AA batteries (not included)

Price: $29.99


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