Flies Like A Real Bird By Flapping Its Wings! – Techboy Educational Products – PINK Radio Control Flying Bird – Flies like a real bird by flapping its wings!

  • Flies like a real bird by flapping its wings!
  • R/C Flying Bird Radio Control
  • Realistic wing flapping
  • Flies for 10 to 15 Minutes, depending on your Flying Style. Charges in about 20 Minutes directly from the Remote Control.
  • Lightweight and Durable Materials, 4 AA-Batteries Required for the Remote (Not Included)

Many people have flown remote control airplanes – even more have flown remote control helicopters – but we bet you’ve never flown a remote control bird before! Our remote control bird is easy to fly, and the detailed instruction manual will have you going in minutes! E-bird flaps its wings just like a real bird, climbing, swooping, and diving through the air. A rudder on the birds tail allows you to direct the birds left or right. You can control the speed of the wings to make the bird climb higher and fly faster, or to just hover in place. Constructed from lightweight and durable materials, our remote control bird is unlikely to break in a crash, and since it weighs less than half an ounce, you can fly it indoors without worrying about your household items. The bird is capable of controlled flight within up to 70 feet, meaning you can let it soar way above your head. If it gets out of range the wings will lock, allowing the bird to gently glide until it reaches the ground. Available in four different models to choose: Blue Pigeon, Green Parrot, Pink Butterfly and Orange Phoenix.

Price: $69.99


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