Rugged High Impact Credit Card Holder Wallet Soft + Hard Hybrid Combo Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III + Stylus + Screen Protector – Black

– Super cool & practical 3 in 1 iPhone Defender!
– Hidden credit card compartment that acts as a vertical stand.
– Keeps your new Galaxy Note 3 safe and protected in style with 2 layers of protection.
– 2 layers hybrid protection, the phone lies in soft shock absorbing case and durable hard polycarbonate plastic closes from the back, you get high level of protection with super cool design.
– Back compartment will fit 1 hard plastic card such as credit card and 1 soft plastic card such as driver’s license / Metro card / Health insurance card.
– Easy access to all button and ports
– Quality Product by True Color New York©

Package include:

1x True Color New York© Protective case.
1x True Color New York© Long capacitive stylus.
1x Screen Protector.
1x Microfiber cleaning cloth.

Price: $19.95


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