OtterBox Reflex Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Retail Packaging – Vapor

  • Complete functionality of the device through the case, including the microphone, speakers, camera and flash
  • Air pockets in the corners of the case absorb impact and deflect it away from the device
  • Device floats within the case and only comes into contact with the soft, cushiony interior material
  • 1 year limited warranty
OtterBox Reflex Series Case for Samsung GALAXY S4. Samsung GALAXY S4 case.

OtterBox Reflex Series Case for Samsung GALAXY S4
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OtterBox Reflex Series Case for Samsung GALAXY S4. Samsung GALAXY S4 case.

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Impressive Protection From A Slim Case

This is the case you want if you know protection is important, like to take your case on and off frequently, but don’t like added bulk. This is also a great case for quick access to docking.

Sleek, Trusted Case

OtterBox is known for making highly protective cases that perform when it really matters. The sleek Reflex Series case is one that you can rely on to guard your phone against damage from drops, bumps and scrapes.

High-Quality Design And Materials

The Reflex Series case is an innovative design that integrates synthetic rubber and polycarbonate materials together to form one solid case. Split into two pieces, this case slides onto the GALAXY S4 from top and bottom that snap together into place. The device is actually suspended within the case, so if you drop your phone the case flexes to absorb any impact force, keeping it away from the device.

Enjoy Your Phone Without Worry

Slide this case onto your phone. Slip it into your pocket or bag and do what you do, without worry of damage when those unexpected drops and tumbles occur.

OtterBox phone cases and tablet cases

Reflex Series Case Features

  • Thin, lightweight 2-piece slider provides protection against drops, bumps, and shock
  • Self-adhesive screen protector guards against scratches
  • Easy to slide on and take off for convenient use and portability
  • Allows for easy docking access
  • Air pockets in corners absorb impact energy

Made For Versatility

This case is made to protect your phone when you need it and be easily removable when you don’t. It rebounds when stressed and keeps any damage to itself, so your phone stays like new.

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Protects against water


Protects against scratches, including device screen


Protects against drops


Protects against dust


Protects against crushing forces


Slides in and out of pockets easily


Includes holster


Price: $34.95


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