iTrail GPS Data Logger Spy Car GPS Logging Device (Free Magnetic Case)

  • Discreet use – The iTrail GPS logger is tiny and can fit almost anywhere
  • Water resistant – Store over 200,000 way points – Export data to excel
  • Google maps and Google earth compatible –
  • Easy To charge + Records up to 120 hours of data on one charge!
  • Work with windows (not MAC compatible)

The iTrail is simple! Just place it on whatever you want to track, retrieve it, plug it into a computer, and instantly view in detail where it has been.

With the iTrailTM GPS Logger, you can find out where anyone, anywhere in the world, has been. Using the complementary iTrail software or Google earth, you can track the movements of anyone or anything.

This tracker can fit just about anywhere. It’s compact design allows it to be placed into the smallest of areas. A magnetic carrying case can be purchased allowing tracker to be placed on any metalic surface.

If you want more details from the tracking history, such as latitude and longitude, speed and even altitude, you can use the iTrail driving reports. These can be exported into six different file types, including PDF and MS-Word.

You don’t have to worry about the iTrail dying after one day, two days, or even three days! The iTrail can hold up to 5 days of data. With the motion sensor, it detects when the vehicle is not in motion and will only activate once the vehicle has started its journey.

What’s in the box?
– 1 – FREE Magnetic Case
– 1 – iTrail PC CD-ROM
– 1 – GPS data logger
– 1 – ITrail GPS Logger/USB Cable
– 1 – Jelly Case

Price: $185.00


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