Generic Mini GPS Tracker Free Installation Car Vehicle GPS Tracking Device Tc68 Quad-band Data Logger Mileage Report Mini Activity Tracker Smallest GPS Tracking Chip

  • GSM Channel: GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz, Quad bank, used in worldwide, GPS Sensitivity: -163dB
  • GPS Module: Latest GPS SIRF Ⅳ module, 48-channel full-positioning
  • With tracked by distance, provincial GPRS traffic; has GSM assisted positioning indoors can also assisted positioning.
  • Standard OBD Ⅱ plugs, 1 second for device installation.
  • Free installation, Plug & Play, includes all GPS positioning + car fault detection + remote monitoring function. Stable quality, precise positioning, professional.

. TC68 is a vehicle tracking device with a function of OBD Ⅱ car diagnostic system, it could realize the vehicle positioning and tracking alarm, vehicle examination and fault diagnosis, and other functions.

. Standard OBD Ⅱ plugs, 1 second for device installation.

. Provide high-quality built-in battery backup power, provide alarm notification devices when been removed.

. TC68 is mainly applied to all private cars and other vehicles that have the OBD Ⅱ plug.

. Main features are:

. Compact Plug & Play, free installation

. Real-time tracking, GPS + GSM dual-mode

. timed track

. fixed pitch tracking

. replies Chinese phone location

. built-8M recording chip

. built-in backup battery

. power-saving sleep mode

. SOS emergency alarm

. Electronic fence

. GPS blind alarm

. Low battery alarm

. Overspeed alarm

. Disassemble alarm

. Remote monitoring

. Vibration alarm

. Mileage reports

. terminal state police

. Car fault alarm

. safe driving reminder

. Fault code reading

. Maintenance reminders

. Fatigue driving reminder

. Parking is not flame timeout to remind

. The engine water temperature is too high alert

. The speed is too high alert

. Emergency deceleration alert

. A USB Configuration Interface

. Standard Accessories:

. TC68 Host

. A national map TF card

. USB232 conversion line

. Velcro*1

. Manual / warranty card / certificate

. CD-ROM contents: (manual / batch feature set of software)

. Optional accessories:

. OBD extension cable

Price: $259.99


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