YouTube has launched a Redesign to reduce distraction by placing the videos front and center

Here is the recent news for you regarding YouTube. The creative product team of YouTube was busy working to build a new homepage. The new homepage has a YouTube guide. This guide shows all the recent videos from channels that the customers have subscribed. This guide also recommends you channels that you may love to watch after analyzing your viewing habits. It also shows the videos that your friends are viewing.This new homepage with guide feature is not just for the web browser but it is also for other devices like mobiles, connected TV platforms, Google TV, Playstation 3, iOS and android users.

There were too many complaints regarding the previous design of YouTube. One of the major complaints was that too many things were going on simultaneously. This distracted a lot of people from watching videos. In the new design of YouTube, when you will go to the video page you will see the required content in the front and center whereas all the other things like social sharing features, subscribe button, related metadata, etc will appear below the video.

The video playlists have been moved to the right side of the video. This feature allows people to watch concurrent uninterrupted videos for longer length of time. In the earlier period people used to search the videos and then see them. This generated much of the YouTube traffic. But now YouTube is making efforts to drive the people towards watching multiple related videos.

The new design of YouTube has come after one year of its latest refresh which was done in order to drive the people towards subscribing more video channels. Since the previous year, the company is trying to enhance the video views through channels. These channels are present since the year 2005. This plan of YouTube was successful as more people subscribed the channels during that time. According to YouTube they have above 800 million users per month. During this time they watch 4 billion hours of videos.

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