Cardign announced a new way to network with iPhone through image recognition

Cardign is a new app launched for iPhone and it works by adopting little trick known as facial recognition. It uses facial description by capturing the image from iPhone camera and retrieve contact details of the users. Mr. Jean-Luc David, the cofounder of Cardign believes that it is the easiest way to get in to the person’s networking event and social functions by eliminating the finicky elements, yet this app has its own challenges.
The first challenge is downloading app and snapping three photos of themselves, so the image is stored in the database of the app and make individual recognition of the user. This simply means that if app wants to be useful, it has to take more and more people on board and it must be with high pace. David has some short term plan to accomplish goal of getting more and more users. This year David will take this app in tech focused networking events for promotions and he is having big plan to take the app from South to Southwest festival taking in Austin.

David explained how he got idea of this app at SXSW held in 2011. He said that he got good contacts and business cards in SXSW and wrote notes, but he lost all of those contacts and discussion and that is the reason he planned to launch Cardign.

David has planned to launch this small project from digital design firm and company has putted $25,000 as seed funding. In seven month, David and his partner come up with Cardign app. David is now aiming to continue adding more and more features in the app and for he is seeking the external funding to fulfill the goal.

Even if the Cardign app is in early form, yet it is not all about face recognition. This app also supports the contact list which operates independently from the built in address book of iPhone. This is necessary because users may not need all the address in their Cardign contact list. The independent list is supported by dynamics updates so that if on social networks details get change, Cardign list updates automatically. People will also be able to keep track of their meetings and it also has privacy features.

Cardign is an interesting tech which is extremely useful networking service. David has addressed this app as Pokemon effect where users will be able to witness all actions collected in the devise.

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