18 x Ultra Bright Blue and Red LED Emergency Warning Use Flashing Strobe Lights Bar For Windshield Dash Grille

  • INCLUDED: 2 x Lightbars with bracket, 2 x 8ft wiring harness, 1 x Set of mounting clips and screws, 1 x control box with 3 functions
  • COMPATIBILITY: Will fit any vehicle with 12V power source
  • SPECS: 2 x 9 (18 Total) LEDs, Ultra Bright 1 Watt LEDs, 30000 Hours Lifetime,
  • DIMENSIONS: Each light bar is 7″ in Width
  • INSTALLATION: Connect each LED bar into extension cable, and connect the other end of the extention cable into the sockets on the controller. Wire the controller’s black (- ground) and red (+ power) into the car’s power source. Place lights at the desired location.

This is the perfect item for tow trucks, law enforcement, police, firefighter, EMS, ambulance, private security, or escort service. They are universal fit for all models of vehicles, and they are perfect for mounting in the interior, front grille, roof top, windshield, dash, and deck. They are perfect for towing, warning, caution, hazard, and emergency use. The control box that comes with this set has 3 flash modes, 1. Very Fast Speed: 8 times then switch 8 times, 2. Normal Speed: Flash 1 time then switch 1 time, 3. Normal Speed: Flash together 1 time, off, flash together again. All flash modes will repeat continuously until manually change mode or turn off.

Price: $10.05



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