ScanTool 427201 OBDLink LX Bluetooth OBD-II Scan Tool Interface

  • Battery Saver technology allows the device to stay plugged in indefinitely, without draining the vehicle’s battery; sleeps and wakes up automatically
  • Supports all legislated OBD-II communication protocols (all USA-built cars and trucks since 1996), and all international OBD-II equivalents
  • World’s fastest Bluetooth OBD adapter; delivers up to 300 percent more data throughput than the nearest competitor
  • Includes exclusive OBDLink Android app and OBDwiz PC software
  • Unlike vast majority of Bluetooth OBD adapters, which continuously broadcast their presence and use an easy-to-guess 4-digit PIN, OBDLink LX implements a unique multi-layered link security mechanism, which eliminates the risk of unauthorized access

This pocket-size device features exceptional performance, intelligent sleep mode, hacker-proof link security, unparalleled third party app support, free lifetime firmware and software updates, and a modest price tag. OBDLink LX can be used as a diagnostic scan tool, trip computer, logger, and real-time performance monitor.

Price: $69.95


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