Proform 302-352 Black Crinkle 13″ Diameter Air Cleaner Kit with Embossed Red Ford Racing Logo and 2-5/8″ Paper Filter

  • Ford center nut
  • 4/2 barrel carburetors

Ford Racing Air Cleaner Kit, Black Crinkle, Raised Ford Emblem, Red Racing LogoThe air cleaner is one of the most visible parts on a car’s engine, so now is the time to add a premium Ford RACING emblem to your ride for the perfect customized look! This 13 diameter air cleaner fits 2V and 4V carburetors, and is supplied with a 5-5/8 high Motorcraft filter element. The top and base have matching finishes, and is supplied with necessary mounting hardware. It is also supplied with special die-cast Ford Oval center nuts (also offered separately).Technical note: After installing a new air cleaner kit, always lower the hood slowly to confirm sufficient clearance visually. Minimum clearance of 4 is required from the top of the carburetor gasket area to the underside of the hood.

Price: $76.99


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