New arrival Xtool Wifi IOBD2 for OBD-II/EOBD car engine scan tool via iPhone/iPod

  • Diagnostic
  • My dashboard
  • Performance test
  • Emissions Testing
  • History

New arrival Xtool Wifi IOBD2 for OBD-II/EOBD car engine scan tool via iPhone/iPod and android

Performance gauges:
– Engine speed
– Corrected vehicle speed
– Open/closed loop
– Boost/vacuum combo gauge
– Acceleration (and braking)

Fuel economy gauges:
– Inst. fuel economy
– Avg fuel economy

Engine gauges:
– Timing (spark advance)
– Engine coolant temp.
– Intake air temp.
– Ambient air temp.
– Manifold absolute pressure
– Mass air flow
– Fuel trims, short and long term
– Percent engine load
– Catalyst temp.
– Fuel pressure
– Lambda gauge
– Air/fuel ratio

Diagnostic Functions:

-Read DTC
-Clear DTC
-Read data stream
-Read freeze frame data, vehicle information
-Oxygen testing
-Mode 6 testing
-Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection

My dashboard:
The My dashboard function includes:
Idle mode: engine rotational speed,water temperature,battery voltage,Air-intake temperature,Instant fuel consumption ( static)

Cruise mode: vehicle speed, The current engine load, water temperature, Vehicle travel time, vehicle travel average speed, Continuous running mileage, instant fuel consumption(dynamic)
Sport mode: engine rotational speed, vehicle speed,water temperature.

Performance test
Accelerate/Decelerate test
0 to 400m acceleration test

Record DTC, live data, freeze frame data,my dashboard data.

Emissions Testing:

PS: 1).Please verify that your vehicle is OBD-II/EOBD compliant before purchasing!
2).It only can connect by WIFI for Iphone/Ipod touch/Ipad and android.

3).Download new software from iTunes for free.

Price: $100.00


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