CLICK7 Duo Deluxe Value Pack – Includes two 7″ DVD Players, two dual-channel Wireless Headphones and Stanchion Mount Duo

  • Includes CLICK7-DUODX players, Stanchion Mounts Duo & two Wireless Headphones
  • Add up to a value of $659! Value package exclusively sold in USA.
  • Power cable goes directly to the mount. No cable hanging between player and mount
  • Comes with Stanchion Mounts: Passed crash tests and proven to be safe for your kids
  • Play two different movies or share the same movie on two screens

You can now get a lot more in this Special CLICK7 Duo Deluxe Value Pack! Included in this package are our flagship CLICK7 Duo Deluxe (2 players with 2 screens), Stanchion Mount Duo and 2 Dual-Channel Wireless Headphones. It adds up to a value of $659!

Received Best Buy Award by UK’s best-selling magazine AUTO EXPRESS!

Enjoy 2 movies on 2 screens with CLICK7 DUO DELUXE! The power cable goes directly to the mount and there is no wiring between the player and the mount. No more cables hanging from the player. Once you have the mount secured in place, you can put it on the headrest or remove it with just an one-click action. Each screen has a built-in DVD player and the two units are connected through the mounts. You may share 1 movie or enjoy 2 different movies on 2 screens with CLICK7 DUO DELUXE! It’s easy, secured and more importantly, it is truly portable and looks good in any cars.

Product Features:

– Stanchion Mount provides a safe and nice-looking mounting dock for Nextbase CLICK portable DVD players

– TFT screen with wide viewing angle and LED backlight for vibrant and high quality viewing

– Anti-Vibration Technology: no skipping during bumpy ride

– Plastic coated non-scratch screen and rounded corners for maximum safety

– Play all region DVDs and all formats (DivX, VCD, CD, DVD+/-/R/RW)

– Play music from memory card and pictures from USB drive

– Built-in IR transmitter supports multiple IR headphones (2 wireless headphones are included in this package)

– Can be powered by CLICK-&-Go rechargeable battery which has a 2.5-hour playback time (battery sold separately)

Included Accessories:

– Dual-Channel wireless headphones (x2)

– Click-and-Go Stanchion Mounts Duo

– cable yo-yo

– AC/DC adaptor (x2)

– remote control (x2)

– earphones (x2)

– car charger (x2)

– deluxe carrying case (x2)

US patent Nos. 6,836,549, 6,381,747

Price: $399.00


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