55 Watt ! Motorized Spotlight, Searchlight with Waterproof Remote Control for Car, Boat,Home

  • Fully Motorized up/down, left/right keychain remote controlled
  • 55 Watts of Powerful Halogen lights up to 1/2 mile away (most competitors are 35W)
  • Easy Magnetic mount or permanent screw mount with included stainless steel screws
  • Weatherproof design ideal for cars ,trucks, RV, boats, home security etc.
  • Housing has UV and Saltwater protection.

A High quality spotlight, searchlight with a High Power 55 Watt Halogen light that is controlled by a keychain waterproof RF remote control with over 200 foot transmitting range. (most competitors are only ~ 25 foot range) Light can be seen up to 1/2 mile away.
Housing is UV and saltwater resistant.
Remote control can move the light 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.
It was designed to have very good water resistance so it works great on any Car, Truck ,RV, Boat or Home. Great for construction worker, plumbers, tow truck operators, search and rescue vehicles, hunters, RV’ers, boaters and even can be used as a remote control spotlight for home security by mounting the unit on a fence, or high point on your house or garage.(with your keychain transmitter from inside your house you can light up any area to see who is there and just the effect of a light moving toward a prowler would scare them away.
It draws 6 amps at 12 vdc. Unit can be mounted by the use of its high power magnet on any metal surface or can be permanently mounted using its supplied rustproof stainless steel mounting hardware.
Please note this is a high quality unit and is not made in china

Price: $349.95


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