Apple’s Tim Cook Ranked Highest Paid CEO Last Year

Apple is really worth more than 500 billion dollars, so it is no real shock that this CEO from the company, Tim Cook, had been the maximum paid CEO in 2011. Cook famously took the reigns of the company springing up form 2011, when Steve Jobs was out on medical leave.What amount was Cook paid? According to the Wall Street Journal, when he started to be CEO in August, Apple provided him a pay package worthy of approximately $378 million dollars.The majority of his settlement arrived the form of limited stock, truly worth $376.2 million dollars during the time. The limitations reduce Tim Cook from straight away selling his shares, and are contingent on his extended employment at Apple. He will be able to provide 50 % of his shares in 2016, and the other half in 2021.That stock has since grown in value, and is currently definitely worth an overall of $530 million dollars. Apple has said that it points to the shares compensation for the next 10 years at work as an alternative to just settlement for 2011.Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle Corp. was the 2nd highest paid CEO in 2011, receiving a complete of $76 million available as stock additional bonuses and stock options.

Tim Cook

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